Monday , 22 April 2019

Long Lost Lord Paper’s Twin Brother Found

Have you ever heard that the the controversial Ghanaian rapper and talented crooner has a twin?
Yes, Michael Takyi-Frimpong who was born in Mampong in the Ashanti Region, popularly known, branded and chanted as Lord Paper has a reflection which is hidden. The freestyle artiste who caught the attention of many Ghanaian’s somewhere in 2006 is said to have a twin; a long lost archive found.

Festus Oko Eshun, one of the fastest growing upcoming artiste in Takoradi in the Westland, popularly known as Oko Gh is the lost but found twin of Lord Paper. Afro Dancehall lord, is a native of Takoradi from a family of eleven (11) with nine (9) children.
The controversial artiste can boast of previous hits like Baby and Agbuii both released in 2017 with videos respectively. He is the face of R.I.P music and a household name as it stands.His hard work has been recognized as he bagged a nomination for best new artiste in 2018’s edition of the R.T.C Western Music Awards.

The undeniable facts about these twins have really spread like a wild fire and causes many to raise their eyebrows. Genetically, the looks proves and convinces all hardy hearts; surprisingly their traits are also enough to prove a point.
Oko’s latest release titled “Bonyo” has caught the attention of many Westsiders; they rant and chant his name all over the Oil City. Similarly, Lord Paper’s “Pono” possesses same heat as Oko’s “Bonyo”, making the destiny of these twins come true naturally.
A video for this song has been very much anticipated but no word has come so far from the Artiste nor his management team.

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